We pride ourselves to be one of the few recruitment agencies whose philosophy – to recognise and understand each individuals‘ emotional state and needs, discover their talents that would fulfill the most suitable job position. We are constantly seeking to excel within our field by interacting and exchanging feedback with our clients.

Numerous success stories we hear from previous employees often praise Planum Boreum for the opportunities given. We stand out from the rest with a tolerant and kind approach towards our staff members. Planum Boreum leading managers have an extensive psychological knowledge and 10 years of experience in personnel sourcing and staff management, therefore able to provide the most favorable conditions for partners – reliable, number-one employees on the market. Everyone knows that the key for successful business is trustworthy, motivated and ambitious individuals. I hear you ask why Planum Boreum? It is a northern plain on planet Mars, just like Lithuania on planet Earth. We are constantly searching for cosmic highs when it comes to sourcing the best employees out there.

Feeling extremely lucky to be able to offer job roles within luxurious companies that are based right in the heart of the biggest ski resort in the world. This can only mean one thing – wide range of activities in the spare time such as: skiing and snowboarding, ice climbing, snow shoeing, hiking, partying and socialising with like-minded people or being alone with the nature – the choice is yours!

Planum Boreum Team, Lygis and Monika

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